Proceedings will be available on the ACL anthology.

December 7, 2022 (Gulf Standard time)

Time in South-East Australia (AEDT: Sidney/Melbourne): +7h

Time in Central Europe (Paris/Zurich/Rome/Berlin/Madrid): -3h

Time US East Coast (New York): -9h

Time US West Coast (San Francisco): -12h

9:00–10:30 Session 1 (chair: TBD)

9:00 Opening remarks

9:10 Keynote: Deep Phonology: Analysing Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterinary Clinics through NLP

Tim Baldwin

10:00 Can Current Explainability Help Provide References in Clinical Notes to Support Humans Annotate Medical Codes?

Byung-Hak Kim, Zhongfen Deng, Philip Yu and Varun Ganapathi

10:30–11:00 Break

11:00–12:30 Session 2 (chair: TBD)

11:00 Assessing the Limits of Straightforward Models for Nested Named Entity Recognition in Spanish Clinical Narratives

Matias Rojas, Casimiro Pio Carrino, Aitor Gonzalez-Agirre, Jocelyn Dunstan and Marta Villegas

11:30 A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Schizophrenia Language

Amal Alqahtani, Efsun Sarioglu Kayi, Sardar Hamidian, Michael Compton and Mona Diab

12:00 Enriching Deep Learning with Frame Semantics for Empathy Classification in Medical Narrative Essays

Priyanka Dey and Roxana Girju

12:30–14:00 Break

14:00–15:30 Session 3 (chair: TBD)

14:00 Exploring the Influence of Dialog Input Format for Unsupervised Clinical Questionnaire Filling

Farnaz Ghassemi Toudeshki, Anna Liednikova, Philippe Jolivet and Claire Gardent

14:30 DDI-MuG: Multi-aspect Graphs for Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction

Jie Yang, Yihao Ding, Siqu Long, Josiah Poon and Soyeon Caren Han

15:00 Divide and Conquer: An Extreme Multi-Label Classification Approach for Coding Diseases and Procedures in Spanish

Jose Barros, Matias Rojas, Jocelyn Dunstan and Andres Abeliuk

15:30–16:00 Break

16:00–17:15 Session 4 (Poster Session) (chair: TBD)

Distinguishing between focus and background entities in biomedical corpora using discourse structure and transformers

Antonio Jimeno Yepes and Karin Verspoor

FrenchMedMCQA: A French Multiple-Choice Question Answering Dataset for Medical domain

Yanis Labrak, Adrien Bazoge, Richard Dufour, Beatrice Daille, Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, Emmanuel Morin and Mickael Rouvier

A Large-Scale Dataset for Biomedical Keyphrase Generation

Maël Houbre, Florian Boudin and Beatrice Daille

Section Classification in Clinical Notes with Multi-task Transformers

Fan Zhang, Itay Laish, Ayelet Benjamini and Amir Feder

Building a Clinically-Focused Problem List From Medical Notes

Amir Feder, Itay Laish, Shashank Agarwal, Uri Lerner, Avel Atias, Cathy Cheung, Peter Clardy, Alon Peled-Cohen, Rachana Fellinger, Hengrui Liu, Lan Huong Nguyen, Birju Patel, Natan Potikha, Amir Taubenfeld, Liwen Xu, Seung Doo Yang, Ayelet Benjamini and Avinatan Hassidim

Specializing Static and Contextual Embeddings in the Medical Domain Using Knowledge Graphs: Let’s Keep It Simple

Hicham El Boukkouri, Olivier Ferret, Thomas Lavergne and Pierre Zweigenbaum

BioSimCSE: BioMedical Sentence Embeddings using Contrastive learning

Kamal raj Kanakarajan, Bhuvana Kundumani, Abhijith Abraham and Malaikannan Sankarasubbu

BERT for Long Documents: A Case Study of Automated ICD Co

Arash Afkanpour, Shabir Adeel, Hansenclever Bassani, Arkady Epshteyn, Hongbo Fan, Isaac Jones, Mahan Malihi, Adrian Nauth, Raj Sinha, Sanjana Woonna, Shiva Zamani, Elli Kanal, Mikhail Fomitchev and Donny Cheung

Parameter Efficient Transfer Learning for Suicide Attempt and Ideation Detection

Bhanu Pratap Singh Rawat and Hong Yu

Automatic Patient Note Assessment without Strong Supervision

Jianing Zhou, Vyom Nayan Thakkar, Rachel Yudkowsky, Suma Bhat and William F. Bond

Curriculum-guided Abstractive Summarization for Mental Health Online Posts

Sajad Sotudeh, Nazli Goharian, Hanieh Deilamsalehy and Franck Dernoncourt

Improving information fusion on multimodal clinical data in classification settings

Sneha Jha, Erik Mayer and Mauricio Barahona

Exploring Hybrid and Ensemble Models for Multiclass Prediction of Mental Health Status on Social Media

Sourabh Zanwar, Daniel Wiechmann, Yu Qiao and Elma Kerz

A Knowledge-Graph-Based Intrinsic Test for Benchmarking Medical Concept Embeddings and Pretrained Language Models

Claudio Aracena, Fabián Villena, Matias Rojas and Jocelyn Dunstan

Condition-Treatment Relation Extraction on Disease-related Social Media Data

Sichang Tu, Stephen Doogan and Jinho D. Choi

17:15–17:30 Break

17:30–19:00 Session 5 (chair: TBD)

17:30 Integration of Heterogeneous Knowledge Sources for Biomedical Text Processing

Parsa Bagherzadeh and Sabine Bergler

18:00 How Long Is Enough? Exploring the Optimal Intervals of Long-Range Clinical Note Language Modeling

Samuel Cahyawijaya, Bryan Wilie, Holy Lovenia, Huan Zhong, MingQian Zhong, Yuk-Yu Nancy Ip and Pascale Fung

18:30 Proxy-based Zero-Shot Entity Linking by Effective Candidate Retrieval

Maciej Wiatrak, Eirini Arvaniti, Angus Brayne, Jonas Vetterle and Aaron Sim